Leesburg Wine Bar, a Guest Post From AshburnReviews.com

A fun new restaurant opened up at the end of last year in Leesburg. The Wine Kitchen is a small but nicely decorate restaurant that serves wine and tapas-style food. By tapas-style, I mean that instead of ordering one large plate of food person, you order lots of little plates of mini-appetizer foods.

The prices are pretty reasonable ($6 to $12 each) considering that the quality of the food is very good, but the cost of the small dishes can quickly add up. Trying a number of different dishes means that the total of your meal can easily add up to $100 for two. And that is without wine!

Not counting the bar, there are probably no more then 30 seats in the restaurant. And 10 of those are at a shared table. This means that unless you get to the WK early – the wait can be long.

The menu – which you can view on their web site – reads like fancy food but actually I think it is quite casual and that there is plenty of foods on their for picky eaters.

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One Comment on “Leesburg Wine Bar, a Guest Post From AshburnReviews.com”

  1. itsatreattoeat Says:

    I went to the Wine Kitchen recently for a girls’ night out. I really enjoyed it and completely agree with Ashburn Review. I had a glass on nice white wine, the cheese plate (good) and the scallop dish (excellent). I would definitely go back, but would prepare myself for close encounters since the venue is VERY small.

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