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Leesburg Wine Bar, a Guest Post From

March 28, 2009

A fun new restaurant opened up at the end of last year in Leesburg. The Wine Kitchen is a small but nicely decorate restaurant that serves wine and tapas-style food. By tapas-style, I mean that instead of ordering one large plate of food person, you order lots of little plates of mini-appetizer foods.

The prices are pretty reasonable ($6 to $12 each) considering that the quality of the food is very good, but the cost of the small dishes can quickly add up. Trying a number of different dishes means that the total of your meal can easily add up to $100 for two. And that is without wine!

Not counting the bar, there are probably no more then 30 seats in the restaurant. And 10 of those are at a shared table. This means that unless you get to the WK early – the wait can be long.

The menu – which you can view on their web site – reads like fancy food but actually I think it is quite casual and that there is plenty of foods on their for picky eaters.

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Foundation is Cracked!

February 22, 2009

Last night, we had a much needed date night and decided to go to a relatively new and supposedly fine dining restaurant near our house, Foundation. Now, I guess we should have been suspicious about a fine dining experience in Manassas, but I was optimistic and REALLY wanted to like it. After all, Foundation was named one of the top 25 restaurants by NOVA Magazine and received a great review from Wash Post. But folks, I am here to tell you that Foundation is cracked!

Let’s begin with the positive. The restaurant is located in the heart of Historic Manassas, a quaint and pleasant spot for a stroll and shopping. Our greeting was very nice. We entered a small waiting area separate from the restaurant, where the host was quite pleasant and offered us a complimentary class of champagne. Inside, the restaurant is nicely decorated with sophisticated colors and exposed brick walls. There were about a dozen tables, all except for one was empty. The chefs prepare the food in view from behind a bar level cooking station, which is neat to see.

For the rest of our experience, the best way for me to sum it up is amateurish. Our waitress was pleasant, but seemed as if it was her first day and did not match the upscale attitude the restaurant tries to portray. I ordered a Cosmo – a rare treat – and was extremely disappointed when I was given store bought Cosmo mix with a splash of vodka. I was already not impressed and we hadn’t even started to eat. The Hubby ordered gin and tonic, which was fine.  

For appetizers we got the blue crab sushi roll ($12) and Scallops Cevicie ($12). The scallops we okay, but the rice in my roll wasn’t cooked all of the way and the execution was extremely disappointing – especially for the cost. For entrees I had Roasted Shrimp Pomodoro, a shrimp dish with risotto ($28), and the hubby had Filet Oscar with a crabcake, asparagus and Bearnaise sauce ($38). On a scale of 1 to 10, we each gave our meals a 5. The entrees were the best part of the experience, but certainly not worth the price. I think they used the same rice in my risotto as they did in my sushi, as it tasted a little crunchy. The shrimp were cooked well and had nice flavor. My hubby thought his filet was not seasoned enough and he ordered it med rare, but it was medium, verging on med well. Needles to say, we decided not to test their desserts, so maybe we missed the best part, but given how over priced everything was, we weren’t willing to chance it.

All in all, our bill after a $22 tip was $134, for 2 apps, 2 cocktails, and 2 entrees. I say, if you’ve got a special night and $150 burning a whole in your pocket, DON’T spend it here.

BTW, we went to see Slum Dog Millionaire after dinner, and just in case you doubted all of the hype, it REALLY is a great movie. I highly recommend it!