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P.F. Chang’s Never Disappoints

February 23, 2009

Went to P.F. Chang’s in Fairfax last night with the in-laws and kid.  It never ceases to amaze me that the restaurants in that area are packed with a wait no matter what day of the week it is. I can understand why P.F. Chang’s is overflowing with people though, with its soothing ambiance, excellent food and service and reasonable prices.

This is always a good stand-by restaurant as long as you don’t mind waiting a bit. We ate our standard fare. Apps: pan fried vegetable dumplings, spring rolls and ahi tuna. All were delicious as usual. My father-in-law had a scallop dish that he said was excellent. He couldn’t stop talking about how many scallops he was served. I had the vegetable chow fun, a lite noodle dish with a little kick of heat. It is my favorite there because it is full of flavor, but not all of the fat and calories you’d find in the many other delicious dishes. They seemed to skimp on the mushrooms last night, which is my favorite ingredient, but I won’t hold it against them this time;-)

My mother-in-law and hubby had the veggie lettuce wraps, thier favorites. And as usual, the kid ate what we threw at him from our plates. That’s another thing I really like about P.F. Chang’s, the kid will eat just about anything we give him from our plates and loves it!

In my opinion, the most ingenious thing they do here is the shot glass portions of desserts, which of course we had to allow ourselves. For $2, it would be a travesty no to. I had tiramisu, which was excellent. Last time I was there I has the red velvet cake, which was also very good. The kid had chocolate cake which was good; a little dry, but a HUGE step up from the disgusting rocky road shot he had last time we ate here. My father-in-law had strawberry cheesecake, which he said was delicious.

All in all, another great experience at the Changers!